Illinois Health Insurance

Simply put, health insurance is important.  With medical bills growing larger by the day, hospital visits quickly become a luxury as opposed to a necessity if you are not covered under one of the many plans offered.  Because none of us can fully plan for the future, it makes sense to secure yourself against accident or sickness by finding coverage.

The state of Illinois has over 12,667,000 people.  Of that, roughly 13.17% or 1.73 million people are uninsured.  For these individuals, an emergency visit to the hospital can cost tens of thousands of dollars, bankrupting them for decades to come.  In addition, if there was a serious life threatening condition, then the person would be in even further debt as continued medical care is incredibly expensive without insurance.

With that in mind, lets take a moment to explore exactly what Illinois health insurance from is like, starting from the ground up.

  1.  Without A Job

If you are currently without a job and under the age for Medicare, then you can sign up for Medicaid.  Providing affordable health care for those who need it the most, Medicaid helps to fill in a hole created when people are fired from their place of employment and seeking work.  With Medicaid, you can search for a job while not being at risk for incredible debt if you were required to go to doctors.

  1.  With A Job With No Health Insurance Coverage

If you have a job that does not have health insurance coverage or will not provide you with health insurance coverage, then your next best bet is a healthcare marketplace.  Set up in Illinois as a part of the Affordable Care Act, this exchange is the place for you to find a plan that is affordable and works for your needs.  While not ideal for those just above the poverty line, the healthcare marketplace works to provide a service that would otherwise be unavailable.

  1.  With A Job With Health Insurance Coverage

Many places of employment offer differing kinds of health insurance plans to choose from depending on your needs.  Deducted directly from your paycheck, these plans can cover a vast range of things and will be dependent on your place of employment.  In addition, working for the state of Illinois may entitle you to additional health insurance coverage as the state has generally good health insurance coverage.